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Rapid Contactless Check-In

The Visitor Pro contactless sign in feature provides a hygienic, touch free way to register visitors at your workplace, reducing the need for interaction and does it up to twice as fast as competing systems.

Visitor Pro offers customizable check-in workflows for different visitor types such as guests or delivery couriers.  A guest will be prompted to identify their name, the name of their company, their phone number, and an NDA if it is a first-time visit. When a courier arrives on-site, they may be required to enter; company name, full name, delivery reference, contact details and sign any required NDA’s inside the check-in process.

First Impressions Count

Visitor Pro is the ultimate first impression being fast and reliable our system will represent your brand.  Integrating brand logos and color schemes into the front-end of Visitor Pro will highlight your brand.

Visitor Notification

The Visitor Pro solution ensures hosts are notified of a visitor arrival promptly, regardless of their destination. As a visitor completes their check-in process, automated notifications are sent as; SMS and/or E-mail to inform hosts of their arrival. Once notified, hosts can meet their visitor at reception for visitor collection.

Visitor Questions

The Visitor Pro system allows you to ask custom questions, and even reject visitors if they provide an answer that prohibits them from entering your facility.

You probably have more than one type of visitor and they do not all need to go through the same check-in process. For example, for a visitor, you may want to capture their name, company, email, and phone number. You might also need the guest to sign an agreement and wear a badge. But for a courier delivering a document, you may only need their name and company. A customized check-in process and welcome greeting allows you to design the reception experience around each visitor who comes to your office.

Custom Agreements and NDAs

Visitor Pro prompts guests to sign agreements, like NDAs and waivers, on the iPad(s) during sign in. More and more companies are asking job applicants, business partners, and colleagues to sign NDAs and other legal agreements at the time of their visit.

Visitor Pro simplifies and automates the paperwork required for each visitor and gets the signing done quickly upfront, saving time and later inconvenience.

Badge Printing

Visitor badges contribute to security by letting you know immediately who is in your office. Visitor Pro automatically prints required badges when visitors sign in so their host can greet them with confidence.

Customized ID badges can be printed in seconds as part of the leading Visitor Pro management solution.

Visitor Health Questions & Safety

Health and safety are a top priority for every business. It is essential to capture critical information before allowing visitors to complete their check-in process. Many clients have added communications to visitors that face masks are required to gain entry. 

Visitor Pro can also take a visitor’s temperature to ensure the safety of all guests and staff.  Utilizing a thermal imaging camera, you can verify body surface temperature as part of the check-in process.  This is an add on system, if you are interested in this functionality please reach out to us.

At any point you can run a report showing which visitors are currently in your facility.

Secure Cloud Based Solution

Most Visitor Management solutions on the market currently lack the scalability required to adequately serve growing organizations. Visitor Pro is a cloud-based solution allowing for remote system management, scalability and ensures global and regional data policies can be enforced wherever they are required.

Offline Mode

Visitor Pro has advanced functionality that allows it to perform basic functions with no connection to the internet, this ensures that even during an internet outage your visitor system can continue to be used by visitors.